If you’re in the catering or hospitality industry, or if you’re thinking of getting into these industries, there are a number of things you should first be made aware of, many of which you would probably have never even considered before. Opening a restaurant, for example, will be one of the toughest business decisions you will ever make, yet if you do so correctly, you stand to earn a very, very good living, and you’ll have an absolute blast in the process.

Opening a restaurant, however, is not simply a case of hiring a good chef, finding out what is popular at the time, and serving it up to people. There are so many different elements to consider that people can sometimes find themselves feeling overwhelmed, and they may even throw in the towel or have second thoughts altogether. If however, you do your homework, you understand good business, and you commit yourself 100% to making your restaurant a success, the rewards will instantly become recognisable. Here’s a look at a few things you must know about restaurants before you consider opening one for yourself.

The hours are unsociable:

If you are a person who enjoys having a lot of free time to yourself, well then, unfortunately, you may have to kiss this goodbye if you are serious about opening a restaurant. Restaurants do not simply open Mon – Fri from 9 – 5, they open 7 days a week, 365 days per year in some cases. What’s more, they do not close until gone 11 pm on most evenings. As a restaurant owner, you will obviously need to be around for much of the time to not get much time to yourself. However, some people absolutely adore this lifestyle as it keeps them busy, plus it allows them the opportunity to socialise with other people.

Can businesses charge for tap water?

When it comes to the catering industry, people often ask ‘can businesses charge for tap water’? If you plan on opening a restaurant, you need to be perfectly clear about this, before you go any further. Here in the UK, businesses can charge for tap water, but only in certain situations. If the business serves alcohol, which most restaurants do, then by law, they must supply FREE tap water. However, if they serve no alcohol, they are not at liberty to provide free tap water, so they can charge for it if they so wish. If you intend to charge for tap water, obviously you must not serve alcohol, and you must consider whether or not doing so would potentially alienate customers, as many people believe that tap water should, in fact, be free. Find out more about your right and tap water.

Be careful of hiring friends and family:

As a restaurant owner, it is obviously down to you to take care of hiring employees, but you must remember to separate your personal life from your business life. Hiring friends and family members can potentially put a strain on your relationships, plus it may not be the best decision for the business, as they are not guaranteed to be good at the job. The catering and hospitality industry is tough, so hiring the right people for the right job is absolutely vital.

Just because a food is popular, that doesn’t mean you should serve it:

When it comes to deciding which food and theme to go for with your restaurant, obviously you will need to ensure that you have taken the location of the restaurant into consideration. Suppose, for example, you are in an upmarket part of town that is relatively affluent. In that case, you can get slightly fancier with your menu than usual. However, the exact opposite should apply for slightly less financially stable locations, as different classes of people will have different tastes. Just because BBQ food may be popular at the time, that doesn’t mean you should open up a BBQ themed restaurant. Do your market research, decide who you wish to cater for, and take things from there.

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